Tuesday, July 15, 2014

SLS Artwork of the Day...

An artist's concept depicting the Space Launch System (SLS) undergoing processing inside the Vehicle Assembly Building at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

As tomorrow marks the 45-year anniversary since Apollo 11's launch to the Moon, just thought I'd share these two great illustrations of NASA's next manned rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS). The SLS looks very much like its predecessor, the Saturn V, but the core stage of the actual vehicle will be covered in orange spray-on foam (the same type of thermal insulation that enshrouded the space shuttle's external tank since STS-3 in 1982) and not be completely white like the workhorse rocket of the Apollo program. Despite this, it will be a sight to see once this 321-foot-tall behemoth (and eventually its 400-foot-tall variant) rolls from Kennedy Space Center's Vehicle Assembly Building to Launch Complex 39B in 2017. Can't wait.

An artist's concept depicting the SLS rolling out towards its pad at Kennedy Space Center's Launch Complex 39B.

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