Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Apollo 14: 42 Years Ago Today... Captain Alan B. Shepherd and Antares Lunar Module Pilot Edgar D. Mitchell became the latest spacewalkers to venture across the surface of the Moon...with 93.21 pounds (42.28 kilograms) of lunar material collected during two EVAs at the astronauts' landing site: The Fra Mauro formation (which was the original destination of the aborted Apollo 13 mission one year prior). Alan Shepherd also became the first person to hit a golf ball on the Moon. Shepherd, Mitchell and Kitty Hawk Command Module Pilot Stuart A. Roosa returned to Earth on February 9, 1971—with their recovery from the South Pacific Ocean performed by a helicopter deployed from the naval ship, the USS New Orleans.

Alan B. Shepherd poses with the American flag during one of Apollo 14's two EVAs on the Moon...on February 5, 1971.
NASA / Edgar D. Mitchell

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