Friday, May 19, 2006

HERE WE GO AGAIN... After a 9-month stay inside the hangar where it was undergoing maintenance following its last flight in July of ’05, Space Shuttle Discovery is once again headed for a launch pad at Cape Canaveral in Florida. Here’s hoping that it does launch by July 19 (Its first launch window opens up on July 1 and ends eighteen days later. The next two launch windows are in August and mid-December, respectively.), paving the way for construction to resume at the International Space Station later this year. Yep. Later.

At Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Space Shuttle Discovery departs from the Vehicle Assembly Facility on its way to Launch Pad 39B...from which it will lift off into space between July 1st and 19th of this year.

UPDATE: 8 hours and 4.2 miles later...

Space Shuttle Discovery arrives at Launch Pad 39B following an 8-hour, 4.2 mile trek from the Vehicle Assembly Building that started at 9:45 AM, PST today.